The Governor-General, as the Representative of the Head of State, is entitled to certain privileges and courtesies. He/she retains the right of precedence in all circumstances, although he/she may, as a matter of courtesy, waive this in certain cases. Certain rules of protocol have been established in connection with the performance of his/her duties.

The following are a few fundamental rules pertaining to the Governor General and his/her spouse, for guidance:

  • Invitations to the Governor General and spouse should always be sent in the form of a letter written to the Governor-General's Secretary. It is not correct to send only a printed invitation card. This of course does not apply to private invitations sent to Their Excellencies by their families and close friends.
  • The Governor General or his/her spouse should not be invited to adjudicate in competitions, nor should they be asked to assist in the selling of tickets for charity or raffles. It is embarrassing for persons who either do not desire to purchase a ticket, or perhaps cannot afford it, to have to refuse Their Excellencies.
  • The Governor-General does not accord interviews to the Press or to representatives of commercial organisations, magazines, etc.

Attendance at Public Functions

  • When the Governor-General arrives to attend a public function, he/she is met at the door of the building by the senior official of the organisation, or his/her deputy, should the senior official be engaged in other NECESSARY duties - for instance receiving guests~if it is a large function, or awaiting His/Her Excellency's arrival in a special room with certain distinguished guests.
  • While the Governor General should have been informed of the name of the official meeting him/her, it is the duty of the ADC to introduce the official and his/her spouse should he/she be present to the Governor General, then to the Governor-General's spouse.
  • On occasions when the Governor-General visits exhibitions or similar functions, a senior official must always be in attendance until he/she leaves.
  • On occasion when the Governor-General or his/her spouse is asked to present Certificates, Diplomas, Awards, Prizes etc., arrangements must be made for a suitable person (preferably of senior rank) to escort them from where they are seated to the area where the presentations are to be made, and to escort them back to their seats afterwards.
  • The National Anthem is played when the Governor-General reaches his/her place on a platform, just before he/she sits down, NOT as he/she enters the room. All should rise at his/her entrance.

Time Keeping

The Governor General always arranges to arrive at a function on time. The established protocol is that all persons attending a function at which the Governor-General is in attendance, are expected to arrive before and to be in their place before his/her arrival. Failure to do so without a reasonably good excuse is regarded as a sign of disrespect to the Office of Governor-General, and ultimately to the People of Saint Lucia, whom he/she represents.

Governor General Standard

The Governor-General's flag is his/her own personal standard. It consists of a dark blue background upon which is depicted a Crowned Lion upon the Royal Crown with the words "Saint Lucia" on a scroll beneath the Crown. It is used by the Governor-General in the same way that the Royal Standard is used by the Queen.

The flag is flown by day and by night on any residence where the Governor-General is living. It is only hauled down when the Governor-General goes out of residence, not when he/she merely goes out of the building.

It is flown in any ship in which the Governor-General takes passage within the State, and at any naval, army or airforce ceremony at which he/she is present. It is also flown in miniature on any car or boat on which he/she is actually travelling within the State.

The Governor-General's flag may at his/her option be flown on the following occasions:

  • Receptions in towns and villages, visits to Town Halls, opening important institutions, etc.
  • Unofficial occasions, Sports Meetings, University Commemorations, Prize-giving ceremonies, Graduations etc.

The Governor-General's flag is half masted on the day of the funeral when court mourning is ordered. On the death of a Sovereign, special orders may be given for the Governor-General's flag to be half masted for a longer period.