Past Governor Generals



1859 - 1943) K.B.E., Cr, 1919; C.M.G. 1907; Born 27 January 1859; eldest son of late W. Alexander George Young, C.M.G., Governor of Gold Coast Colony.

Education: Charterhouse.

Entered Colonial service, 1877; Chief Clerk, Government Secretary Office, British Guiana, 1889; Assistant Colonial Secretary, Mauritius, 1895; Acting Colonial Secretary, 2 ½ years; Commissioner, Turks and Caicos Islands, 1901; Administrator Dominica, 1906-1913; acted Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Leeward Islands, 1909; Administrator and Colonial Secretary, St. Lucia, 1913-1914; acting Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Windward Islands, May to December 1914; Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Falkland Islands and its Dependencies, 1914-1920; retired, 1920.

Address: The Wilderness, Hackington, Canterbury.

Died 7 March 1943.


1809-1870), Colonial Administrator, was eldest son of Major-general Henry Charles Darling, formerly Lieutenant Governor to Tobago, who died in 1845, by his wife, the eldest daughter of Charles Cameron, some time governor of the Bahamas. He was born at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, in 1809, and educated at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, whence he obtained an ensigncy without purchase in the 57th foot 7 December 1825.

In 1827 he was appointed assistant private secretary to his uncle, Lieutenant-General Ralph Darling [q.v.], then governor of New South Wales, and in 1830 became his military secretary. On that officer's relief in 1831 young Darling obtained leave to enter the senior department of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and while there, in 1833, was appointed to the staff of Sir Lionel Smith, to whom he served as military secretary in the West Indies from 1833 to 1836, and in Jamaica from 1836 - 1839, and retired from the army in 1841.

In 1843 Darling was appointed by Lord Elgin, then governor of Jamaica, agent-general for immigration, and adjutant-general for immigration, and adjutant-general of militia in that island. He was also a member of the legislative council and of various executive boards. He acted as governor's secretary during the interim administration of Major-general Sackville Barkley, and was continued in that post during the first part of the government of Sir Charles Grey in 1846-1847.

In 1847 he was appointed Lieutenant governor of St. Lucia, and in 1851 lieutenant governor of the Cape Colony, an office specially created for the conduct at Cape Town of the civil government during the absence of the governor, Sir George Cathcart, on military duties on the eastern frontier (Parl, Papers, Accts, and Papers, 1852-1853, lxv.817.